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IT Support for Home and Business

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Our Mission:

To be the One Stop Shop for All your IT requirements,
save you time, money and simplify your IT systems, 
so that you can focus on your business.



Dial A Nerd IT Services Company: Top Local IT Company

As a company manager, you want all IT aspects of your business to run smoothly. You need secure cloud solutions, professional email hosting, a cost-effective VoIP system, and timely hardware repairs.

Dial A Nerd is an all-in-one managed IT services company that provides the best solutions in IT infrastructure, data security, network management, and all components of computer systems. Our comprehensive information technology services, industry knowledge, and professional team make us the go-to IT service choice for businesses and organisations.

IT Support with a Difference

Did you ever call your IT support team, only to hear some cryptic phrases in complex IT jargon? At Dial A Nerd, we communicate in clear, easy-to-understand English as we help customers resolve IT issues.

We understand that software, hardware, or network infrastructure problem can disable your business. Our support team will do anything to get your office IT setup back on track with minimum disruptions and maximum speed.

With Dial A Nerd’s consolidated service system, you have one point of contact for anything related to information technology. You don’t need to scramble to find the right person during an emergency or hear, “No, we don’t cover that.” Dial A Nerd covers everything, from hardware to team management software.

You can always count on Dial A Nerd for prompt, efficient on-site IT support in your home or office. Does your business operate under a work-at-home or hybrid model? We help keep your employees connected with email, calendar sharing, and file sharing for streamlined remote work.

The Leading IT Company Near You

Dial A Nerd provides a wide range of information technology services for your business. Say goodbye to annoying, perplexing, wasteful IT setups. With us, your business gets an all-inclusive IT service, allowing you to focus on growing your company.

We offer custom solutions and expert support,
helping your business function in the complex world of Information Technology.



Established IT Company With Many Years Experience


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How Is Dial A Nerd Different from Other IT Companies?

Unlike other IT providers, we’re a single-point service ready to take care of all your IT needs, no matter how basic or complex.

Many businesses deal with fragmented IT support—e.g., one provider for in-house systems, another for cloud backups, still another for their VoIP system. Such setups can be inefficient, confusing, and expensive. Dial A Nerd takes care of everything, from computer repairs to data security.

Compared with other IT companies, Dial A Nerd is highly flexible and scalable. Did your business grow? We are here to give you a broader range of services. Need to scale down for a time? You only pay for what you need and use.

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Why Do Our Customers Choose to Work With Us?

Here are just a few reasons so many clients choose Dial A Nerd’s information technology services:

-  A one-stop shop for all your hardware and cloud IT needs since 2003

- World-class information technology solutions with minimum stress and downtime

- Simplified, robust, and scalable IT systems

- High-value service at fair prices

- A dedicated managed services team, always ready to provide IT support for your business

Are you sure your existing IT framework provides optimal function? Have you had to put up with data losses, unnecessary downtimes, and, ultimately, loss of customers and revenue due to IT problems? Do you wish your office had a healthier IT setup?

Dial A Nerd offers a zero-obligation, 100% free IT audit to every potential client. Our audit can help you identify and improve weak points in your current IT structure, cost- and risk-free. Hurry and schedule your free audit today.


Dial A Nerd: Advanced Software Solutions Company

Dial A Nerd has been providing innovative IT services to businesses and organisations in Pukekohe and surrounding areas since 2003. We use top technology solutions to help companies streamline their business and enhance their capability of serving clients.

Call our team at 09 238 2560 or email support@dialanerd.nz to schedule a no-obligation, free IT audit and learn more about our IT services in New Zealand.

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