Cloud-Based phone systems (VoIP), cost saving flexibility



Cloud-based phone systems (often known as VoIP) are a superior alternative to terrestrial Private Branch Exchange (PBX) software and server systems for your office. 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This refers to the cloud-based hardware and software systems that enable telephone calls by sending voice data over the internet.

Cloud-based VoIP switchboard and phone solutions are cost effective to set up and easily scalable, with a pay-per-user setup and hardware, maintenance and service provided by a third-party offsite.


What are the benefits of a VoIP system?

Money Talks

Well, in this instance, it really does, both literally and figuratively. Switching to a cloud-based VoIP will cut costs on both local and international calls – a big plus particularly with the rise in popularity of remote working. 

The VoIP space is competitive, which means that providers need to keep costs lower to stay in the game and remain attractive to consumers. To users, that translates to lower costs per minute than using a landline. And, quite simply put, all businesses need to save money somewhere, don't they? 

Money Talks

Pay Per User

With VoIP you simply pay for the number of users that you have, What's more, those users don't all need to be in the same office, they can be based anywhere in the world. As your company changes, you can easily add or remove unique users from your subscription, allowing you to quickly scale your system to suit your business.

Pay per user

No Hardware

All you really need is a fibre or fast internet connection. Beyond that, there's no need for you to buy or maintain any server hardware. Any hardware that is needed is handled by us and our offsite Nerds who get all of that hassle out of your hair.

Work Anywhere

Save money with our cloud-based VoIP system! Our VoIP System will not only improve your productivity but also reduce your monthly phone bill.

Taking your phone system into the cloud makes things a bit easier. You can have offices all over the world without having to lay any physical foundations. Cloud-based telephony makes remote working far easier.

You can work anywhere that has an internet connection – which is most places nowadays. IP calling can be used via laptops or smartphones, so you can make and receive calls from your favorite coffee shop or have your switchboard based in your dining room, if you like.  

Call in the experts

Moving your phone system into the 21st century is (funnily enough) as easy as making a phone call – or sending an email.
Dial a Nerd has a dedicated customer support team to answer any questions you might have about making the switch to VoIP. And once you sign up, the support team will continue to be there for you all day, every day.

Dial a Nerd is a complete IT support company that takes care of all your computer and tech-related maintenance, network support, computer repairs and sales. We'll manage your cloud-based VoIP calling, cloud backup services and all the other important tech you simply don't have time to think about.

Dial a Nerd also creates cloud-based software for point of sale, project management, quoting and invoicing and even timesheets. Get in touch today and we'll get one of our qualified nerds on the case for you. 

Call in the experts